Selection of my Work

I have a variety of clients who I admire very much. Here a few samples of websites that I have worked on recently.

Screen Shot of Website 2019

An amazing group of retired professionals joined the Village to Village movement that is spreading across the USA and wanted a website to show people the community that was sprouting up locally. Check out their simple and easily navigable website collaboratively designed by me and the excellent board of directors at

Melanie Ho Erb, M.D. Website Screen Shot

This highly skilled Oculofacial plastic surgeon recently started her own practice and wanted to create an online presence for her business. She wanted to show her skills to the best possible advantage and get her business to the highest number of interested people. We have been collaborating on strategies for social media, SEO, blog, video and now after her business has grown in the past year about 15%, we are currently in the process of creating another more Mobile Responsive Website. Take a look at her current site at

Janet H Elmore Watercolor Art Website

Janet is related to me and I saw that she was struggling to sell her art by confining herself to local galleries and fairs. So I offered to create a website for her and she sold 80% more paintings the year that it went live. She wants to sell only original art, so this website is perfect for her, and allows galleries and workshops that she attends to find her and see a sampling of her work. Take a look at

Perspicacious Perspecitves Screen Shot

This gentleman is a Zen Master and wanted to share his writing and offer counseling services. He already had a website that he was struggling to keep current and organized. I was able to organize his content so that he could link to it through his facebook following and other online writings. Take a look at his site at Perspicacious Perspectives