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Welcome to the Helpful Village information page!

I am an independent designer who is experienced designing for Helpful Village. Once you have your Helpful Village installation, I am ready to help you get your content up and running, quickly and with a simple clean design.

Design Information and Rates for Helpful Village Customers

Download the Helpful Village Pricing document for the rates to design Helpful Village websites, contact me with any questions or special needs Helpful Village Pricing.

More information:

For every village who has signed up, Helpful Village allows each website page a content area for you to provide information about your village. This content area can look any way you like, and an editor has been provided with the system that allows you to input your village information and to organize it into separate website pages.

Since each village has it’s own personality and organization needs that may or may not overlap with another village, I am happy to incorporate design elements in your website’s content area that will identify an individual village to be unique from another village’s design. You provide the content, and I will use website design best practices to place the content on your Helpful Village website in simple layout that can be viewed on all devices that Helpful Village supports.

Soon to come: templates for Helpful Village customers to use to beautify and provide an organized, easy to understand layout for their content.

Please note: As of 10/22/2017, Helpful Village is a proprietary system that has it’s own design theme. I am unable to provide an overall look-and-feel for your Helpful Village website. That means the the style (look and feel) of the menus, header and footer of your Helpful Village website cannot be changed at this time, only style of the content area can be changed. To find out more about Helpful Village, click here.

If you are interested in the National Village to Village Network, here is a link to their website: Village to Village Network