Crafting a Web Page

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“Oh My Goodness!” says you.

“This website management tool has everything! Layout, suggested images, interesting words, and the theme speaks to me, everything is working well! Why! Why! Why! is it taking me over 5 hours to put together this website page?!!”

This sounds like a frustrating question, or the person asking it sounds frustrated. But, it is a natural thing to take a long time to craft something that is good. After all, the designing of a website page is a creative process.

Some pages complete themselves very quickly. The images you have are right there on your hard drive, and the copy just flows. Your ideas are clear and the page feels like it makes itself and it quickly settles into the layout provided.

But others take forever. It seems like nothing is coming together. No images really fit your point, and the topic of the page is a little fuzzy, or not – maybe laser focused, but you are not sure how it fits into the business. Thinking takes time, so be a Don Draper and lounge on the couch and wait for the creative inspiration.

Sometimes you are given a requirement and have been told to create a page or have set out to create a page yourself that doesn’t completely make sense. If it is a client’s request, you should create that page, but take that time to prepare some reasoning that shows its irrelevance, difficulty, or misfit. The client will be able to tell you why it works, and it will get better. 

As with most creative endeavors, it takes time and it is not always exactly right the first time. Do the best you can, then let it go, and then try to untangle what is going on. Often times a client, coworker or some poor sod of a  friend who just walked by will be able to help untangle what is wrong.

But, if it takes 5 hours to craft a good page, focused with good copy and with images and a message that gets your point across, then it takes five hours. Sometimes it may take a couple of days to get it done. Let it. I’m tired of looking at crappy website pages, aren’t you?

Great Web Site Engine

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I spend a lot of time combing the internet for the best possible web site solutions. One of my favorite engines is WordPress. It is fully supported by it’s creators and it is free!

The WordPress Open Source Website host provides a platform for many people to join to make web sites for people to create not only beautiful and easy-to-navigate site, but secure, and SEO friendly sites that can be easily automated.

As far as features, the sky is the limit, because there are many paid and unpaid plugins, features and customizations to make your own unique web site the best it can be.