Who is behind tdesign?

Tracy D Elmore

Tracy D Elmore Portrait

When I am not researching a new technology, photographing for a purpose or on a biking  or hiking adventure, you can always find me working on the house or trying something new. I love to learn about new business ventures and hear how people spend their time and their interests.

My day job is making excellent websites for businesses, individuals, artists, or anyone who needs a website to promote their service, event, their business or themselves.

See a selection of my work, and read on to review my path to website development and design.

Here is the story on how I got to be a website designer:

I started out as a programmer, and I love to code.

I don’t do a lot of coding for the websites I design, but it helps a lot to know what is going on underneath the surface to keep them solid, secure and looking their best.

I made a left turn into landscape design. But I’m still a little computer crazy!

I love the skills I learned in design school and I love working with real people, that means all my clients and customers, I love them. Landscape design is a pretty awesome field, but I am a technical geek and when I had the chance I took a right turn back into Android Programming!

I created an Android App (called InstaFlora and it was a flop)

And this experience left me wanting more client, customer, real people contact. That means you, I want to talk to you!

…so I played with a lot of technology in my spare time for the next year and…

To make a long story short…

I ended up working in WordPress to create great websites for some excellent people.